The Community Beer Box – A monthly subscription to exclusive beer and select items from some of our favorite local businesses.

Want exclusive Community Beer Works beer PLUS cool stuff from some of our favorite local retailers, restaurants, and community partners? How about a brand new bundle every month? No, you’re not dreaming, the Community Beer Box is here!

Packed with great beer & cool stuff.

Here’s what to expect in every Community Beer Box:

  • Exclusive CBW beer made just for the Community Beer Box!
      • One 4-pack (16 oz cans) made exclusively for the Community Beer Box!
      • One bonus mystery can (16 oz). Shhhh. We’ll never tell!
  • Limited edition 4″x9″ beer pennants made by our pals at Oxford Pennant. Collect all 12!
  • A featured item from one of our favorite local businesses.
  • A mix of mystery goodies.

How it works.

The Community Beer Box can be purchased one at a time, or with a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are available at three levels with your savings increasing with each option:

  • 3 Month — Save 10%
  • 6 Month — Save 15%
  • 12 Month — Save 25%

Pick your option and we’ll handle the rest!

Each Community Beer Box will be delivered in a timely manner based on when you placed your order. Subscription orders go out first. You have until the end of each month to place an order and receive the current month’s offering. Delivery and shipping restrictions apply.

That’s it. Simply pick the option that works best for you and leave the rest to us.

Piece o’ cake!